Serving America’s Heroes for Over 20 Years...


Over the last 18 years, Gryphon Group has trained over 35,000 American Warfighters, Special Operations Personnel, and Federal Agents from the Army, Navy, Airforce, Marine Corps, and Federal Agencies.

Why would thousands of America’s best fighters come year after year to a small private company for critical pre-mission training?

Here’s why…

Because when their lives are on the line…they will always choose the best company that will help them win the fight and come home safely to their families!

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In the special operations & intelligence world, your mind is your “primary weapon system.” Gryphon Group’s approach to weapons training is that the “decisions” an operator makes with the weapon in combat are as important (if not more important) as their marksmanship and speed with it.

All of Gryphon’s military training programs are based upon these “Universal Truths of the Battle-field”. These “truths” do not change from war to war, battle to battle, firefight to firefight. The Human Mind, Human Nature & the Human Body are always the same during every war. Gryphon focuses on these “Human Factors” when preparing American Warfighters to be more mission-effective & “survivable” in combat.

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The men & women of the law enforcement community in the United States are the best in the world. They are on the cutting-edge between the enemies of freedom on the streets of our nation and its citizens.

In the 21st Century, the internet, smart phones, and the social media revolutions have caused the civil environment in the United States to become more and more anti-authoritarian & militant. Violence similar to that experienced in the 1960’s, is again on the rise across the nation.

Gryphon Group is considered one of the top combat pre-mission training company’s in the world. Since 2001, we have trained over 35,000 American War-fighters, Special Operations Operators, Military Intelligence Personnel, and Federal Agents.

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Today, corporate executives in the United States are being demonized on social media and by sectors of the news media. Executives and their families are at great risk.

Criminal organizations and political terrorists see great value in targeting corporations and its executives. American corporations are a symbolic target for terrorists here in the United States, especially while travelling and working internationally.

Corporate kidnap & ransom policies are expensive and are only effective “after” a kidnapping. The best insurance is training that enables the executive and corporate security personnel to deter & avoid a kidnapping or an attack.

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Gryphon Groups training programs are designed to address today’s threats.  These threats are found all over the world and in every type of environment. In order to ensure that Gryphon’s programs are effective in every threat condition and in every part of the globe, we focus on the common denominator, which is the man or woman carrying out that mission fight. In other words, we focus on the hand holding the weapon, not the weapon, which requires us to focus on the mind driving that hand.

Therefore, all of Gryphon’s training programs incorporate a 3-dimensional approach to identifying threats. Those dimensions are: the enemy, the environment, and the human factors of combat performance. In order to communicate the uniqueness and effectiveness of Gryphon’s training methodology, we have produced numerous video briefs on many of our training programs, world class facilities, and training methodology.

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Gryphon Group serves a broad and diverse set of clients. We serve the U.S. Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, and several federal agencies. We also serve the corporate and law enforcement communities.

In order to keep all of these organizations informed of what is currently taking place at Gryphon, we have established a separate Gryphon Group News Site. Upcoming events, new programs, and important issues related to Gryphons Training Programs will be presented through this site.

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Contact Gryphon Group today to reserve your seat in what many have called the best combat and security training in the industry.

The military community, the law enforcement community, and the corporate security community that Gryphon Group serves have many security challenges in common, however, they also have different tools and resources to address these threats. We have designed a training request form for each of these communities to utilize in communicating their training needs to Gryphon Group.

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We are Proud to Announce that Raven Advisory LLC has Acquired Gryphon Group!