2-Day Executive Anti-Kidnapping Course

This course is designed for the busy senior executive to enhance their ability to avoid & deter a kidnapping attempt on themselves or their family. 

These are the same techniques and tactics taught to U.S. special operations personnel and diplomats. 

Each student will learn exactly how most of these types of attacks occur and how to recognize and remediate their personal “points of vulnerability.  

When properly focused, the mind of the executive is a powerful anti-kidnapping weapon.

This program will help reduce Kidnap & Ransom (K&R) policy premiums.  The leading providers of the top K&R Policies are Hiscox Ltd, Chubb Ltd., Zurich Insurance Group, & Lloyds of London. The best policies are in the $3,000 per million range for a $100 million K&R policy, or $33.330 per year, per executive.  Gryphon’s Executive Anti-Kidnapping Course, Executive Counter Surveillance Course, and Executive Self-Protection Course can substantially help lower the premiums for this vital insurance.

Although the focus is on prevention, the student will also practice actions to be taken during & after a kidnapping attempt.

Gryphon will provide all vehicles, fuel, tires, mechanics, equipment, & role players – 6 Students Minimum to form class.