2-Day Executive Counter Surveillance Course

ALL Kidnappings are preceded by extensive surveillance on the victim.  Not just for an hour, but days if not weeks.

This course is designed to enable the senior executive to positively identify physical surveillance and minimize digital surveillance. 

Not only kidnappers, but assassins, thieves, extortionists, corporate espionage operatives, and terrorists all utilize physical or digital surveillance to establish the where, when, what, & how to best attack the victim. 

During the course, the executive will learn how to make it harder for hostile surveillance to physically & digitally track them. 

Even with all of the politically-motivated & religious-motivated violence today, most kidnappers only want money $$$.  Therefore, they want to kidnap their victim at the right place, during the right time, and with the right method to ensure low-risk and high-profit.  They MUST get this information from the victim.

Each student will practice recognizing this “Pattern of Life Surveillance” in realistic exercises on the street and in real venues. 

Executive will be able to return home and incorporate these techniques into their daily lives.

The hostile surveillance team will video the students covertly for brief-back. 

This skill is much more important for executive survival than gun skills.

Gryphon will provide all weapons, ammunition, vehicles, fuel, tires, mechanics, equipment, & role players – 6 Students Minimum to form class.