2-Day Executive Self-Protection Course

An executive who does not have an executive protection team, may in the worst-case scenarios, have to fight-off an attacker to protect themselves or their family. 

Like a Police Officer, the Executive must only use the force necessary to prevent death or serious injury to ones-self or others. 

Fighting off a kidnapper may require the Executive to utilize any weapons available at the time of the attack: their hands, their feet, a can of pepper spray, a hard object, a sharp object, an expanding metal baton, a knife, or a gun.  But the single most effective and powerful weapon available to the Executive in ALL attack scenarios is his or her MIND.

Avoiding these threats and criminals is always going to be the best goal and should be where the Executive puts most of his or her effort! 

This is accomplished by thinking two or three moves ahead of your opponent, much like chess.

This intense work-shop will explore the reality of what it means to fight off a kidnapper or assassin in realistic conditions at the residence, in the vehicle, in the executive offices, or in a public-venues like a restaurant or hotel. 

The executive will learn to use various weapons and common items in those environments to fend off an attack. 

The ability to think two or three movements ahead in a fight and achieve “single-mindedness” to win that fight will be the goal.

Gryphon will provide all weapons, ammunition, vehicles, fuel, tires, mechanics, equipment, & role players – 6 Students Minimum to form class.