3-Day Advanced Police Canine Narcotics Detection Course

During this 3-Day Advanced Police Canine Narcotics Detection Course, Officers will receive in-depth, hands-on instruction needed to successfully place their canine in the most advantageous location to detect a target odor if present.

Law Enforcement Officers will also learn the physiological effects that air current drafts and scent pools have on the Narcotics Detection Canine to help them better articulate an alert / final response to a court of law.

  • Officers will receive formal classroom instruction on vetted tactics and procedures of canine integration as well as participate in dynamic, hands on practical exercises in all areas listed below:
  • Odor Theory, Drafts, Air Current & Scent Pools (Brownian Motion / Pedesis)
  • Canine Detection Evaluation (Protocol Boxes)
  • Successive Approximative Approach to Detection
  • Effects of Permeable Odor Containers in relation to Odor Pictures
  • Bracketing the Odor
  • Ritualistic Training
  • Vehicle Search (Roadside Stop)
  • Vehicle Search (Unoccupied Vehicle)
  • Residential Search (Exterior)
  • Residential Search (Interior)

This course provides a unique realistic experience utilizing Police Canines to locate and identify illegal narcotics in buildings, vehicles, public transportation, and on queued individuals. The real-world scenarios with trained role-players will give each officer significantly more confidence in themselves & their canine.

Must bring Police Canine – 6 Students Minimum to form class.