3-Day Building Searches for Police Officers Course

Clearing a building, one room at a time, while deep searching for a suspect, is one of the most dangerous things an Officer will do during their career.  This course will deeply explore this tactical problem in very realistic drills with role players and force-on-force drills.

Building searches present a major risk to First Responder personnel on a daily basis. Whether as a result of a burglar alarm, an open door or a well-being check, entering an unknown structure places the First Responder at a significant disadvantage in the event of an attack.

Gryphon Group’s 3-Day “Building Searches for First Responder” examines the techniques and strategies proven to increase survivability in these circumstances.   Differentiating between tactics used by SWAT Teams and Hostage Rescue Teams, this course demonstrates how an understanding of sight lines coupled with a fundamental knowledge of clearing techniques can increase officer survivability.

At the core of this curriculum is an examination of the Human Factors involved in successful building clearing. Through a better understanding of how the human brain processes information, the Officer is better able to select the correct technique for each clearing problem they encounter.

This program includes:

  • Using Sightlines to increase survivability
  • Close Proximity Shooting Techniques-Live Fire
  • Incorporating the Flashlight into Building Searches
  • Single Officer Clearing Strategies
  • Multiple Officer Clearing Strategies
  • Control & Containment of Suspects
  • Communicating During the Search
  • Low Light Searching
  • Boobytraps & other Hazards
  • The Reality of Terminal Ballistics and Room Clearing Tactics Live Fire Drills
  • Force-on-Force Simunitions Drills in Building Search Scenarios in Video Recorded “Battle House”
  • Building Search Scenarios in Real World Venues – Force-on-Force with Airsoft – Video Recorded

This course is conducted in Gryphon’s 4,000 square foot two-story, completely furnished, force-on-force Building Search Facility and incorporates trained role players in both the combatant and non-combatant roles.   Complete camera coverage of the facility allows for comprehensive after-action learning.

Must bring duty gear & weapon – Gryphon provides ammunition – 6 Students Minimum to form class