3-Day Dynamic Entry Strategies for Special Teams

All SWAT Teams need quick, flexible methods to gain entrance to the target suspect.  This course will provide hands-on experience to mechanical & Shotgun breaching methods that will be practiced in realistic exercises.

Whether securing a structure for a search, capturing a high-risk criminal or rescuing a hostage, Dynamic Entry presents a major risk to Special Teams personnel. Forcibly entering an unknown structure places the Special Teams member at a significant disadvantage in the event of an attack.

Gryphon Group’s 3-Day “Dynamic Entries for Special Teams” examines the techniques and strategies proven to increase survivability in these circumstances. Gryphon Group capitalizes on nearly two decades of training military and federal law enforcement special operations teams from around the globe to examine strategies and techniques commonly used to address dynamic clearing

At the core of this curriculum is an examination of the Human Factors involved in successful dynamic clearing. Through a better understanding of how the human brain processes information, the Operator is better able to select the correct technique for each dynamic clearing problem they encounter.

This course is conducted in Gryphon’s 4,000 square foot two-story, completely furnished, force-on-force Building Search Facility and incorporates trained role players in both the combatant and non-combatant roles.   Complete camera coverage of the facility allows for comprehensive after-action learning.

This course addresses Strategies and Techniques from a successful breach forward and includes:

  • Intelligence Gathering and Mission Planning
  • Developing Mission Briefing Packages
  • Historical Case Studies in Dynamic Clearing
  • Human Factors related to Visual Processing
  • The Foundation Strategies of Dynamic Clearing
  • The Rules Governing Speed in Dynamic Clearing
  • Confronting and Controlling Non-Aggressors
  • Shoot-no-Shoot Decision Making Scenarios
  • Self-Aid in Officer Down scenarios
  • Rendering Aid to Offenders
  • Communicating During the Search
  • Low-Light Clearing Strategies
  • Force-on Force Dynamic Entry Scenarios with Role Players
  • Live Shotgun Breaching & Mechanical Breaching Drills

Must bring duty gear & weapon – Gryphon provides ammunition – 6 Students Minimum to form class.