3-Day Executive Driver Advanced Course

During this course, the experienced Executive Driver will practice reacting to “worst-case scenarios” that have and could occur while transporting their principal.

First, the course will conduct a refresher of the fundamentals of evasive driving by practicing the Universal Principles of Vehicle Control on Gryphon’s evasive driving course layout. 

Each student will re-qualify to the time and precision standards in our Executive Driver Certification Course.

Once each student has recertified, the Executive Drivers will learn to stay mobile during any attack to include the ability to get off the road and continue to drive the principal out of harm’s way.

Each student will conduct numerous mock attacks which they will have to counter with the vehicle.  The students will be videoed by a drone for “lessons learned” and then repeat the mission until a high level of capability is demonstrated. 

Statistically, the number one threat to all Executives: Vehicle Accidents   According to the National Safety Council, in 2019, an estimated 38,800 Americans lost their lives to car crashes.    About 4.4 million Americans were injured seriously enough to require medical attention in crashes last year.

Must bring three sets of business attire, a sport coat or suit, white shirts with tie, casual clothes.

Gryphon will provide all vehicles, fuel, tires, mechanics, equipment, & role players – 8 Students Minimum to form class.