3-Day Executive Driver Certification Course

Globally, over 90% of all kidnappings and assassinations occur when the victim is walking to their vehicle, riding in their vehicle, or exiting their vehicle.  Gryphon Group is one of the top evasive driving companies in the industry.

During ANY executive protection operation, this “mobile environment” is one of the highest threat times of the principal’s day.  The executive protection agent must have strong evasive driving skills and also be able to evaluate & train an executive’s chauffer. 

During the course in 2017 Suburban’s and Sedans, each student will hone their evasive driving skills by practicing the Universal Principles of Vehicle Control and how to control a vehicle under extreme circumstances. 

Then, the track will be separated into its individual components which are the:

  • Controlled Acceleration Drill
  • Evasive Steering Drill
  • Collision Avoidance Drill
  • Decision-Making & Lane Evasion Drill
  • Shuffle Steering Drill
  • Constant Radius Curve Drill
  • Forward and Reverse Serpentine Drill
  • Minor Road Turn-Around Drill
  • Brake & Evade Drill 
  • Threshold-Braking Drill

No matter what type of wheeled vehicle is being driven, the fundamentals must be applied.   These disaggregated drills and the track layout as a whole are designed to force the Executive Protection Driver to demonstrate knowledge of and perform under duress the Universal Principles of Vehicle Control which are:

  • Controlled Acceleration
  • Steering Wheel Management
  • Fender Judgment
  • Chassis Set
  • Under-Steer
  • Over-Steer
  • Trail-Over
  • Controlling Insipient Skid
  • Threshold Braking
  • Reversing Direction
  • Line-of-Sight / Path-of-Travel
  • SIPDE Process

Then, the students will conduct numerous real executive driver missions with role players in various local cities while being videoed by the Cadre.  After each mission, the students will review the videos for “lessons learned” and then repeat the mission until a high level of capability is demonstrated. 

There will be a written exam and a live evasive driving test for achieving certification. 

Must bring three sets of business attire, a sport coat or suit, white shirts with tie, casual clothes, – Gryphon will provide all vehicles, fuel, tires, mechanics, equipment, & role players – 8 Students Minimum to form class.