3-Day Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations Course

Fatal traffic crashes involving Law Enforcement personnel remain the leading cause of non-felonious line of duty deaths in America. All too often, law enforcement agencies lack the necessary resources to conduct much needed, life-saving driver training for their First Responder personnel.

Building on the principles of driver training each Police Officer receives in basic training, Gryphon Group’s  3-Day “Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations Course” addresses the “human factors” of driving while under stress and adrenalin saturation, factors like loss of depth perception, loss of peripheral vision and a reduction in fine motor control.  Here are three key statistics:

  1. Each year, there are approximately 300 fatalities in the U.S. that occur during police pursuits.
  2. Just over 30% of the fatalities occurred to people who were not involved in the pursuit.
  3. Police officers have roughly double the rate of the general public.

Operating a Patrol Vehicle is a point of vulnerability for all Officers.  This course will focus on maintaining control of the patrol vehicle under stress and in a fluid environment.  The PIT Maneuver, Tactical Ramming, Weapon Engagement from Vehicle, Accident Avoidance, and Advanced EVOC Techniques will be covered and practiced in realistic exercises.  Gryphons 3 Day “Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations Course” includes:

  • Universal Principles of Vehicle Control Assessment
  • Vehicle Control Refinement Drills
  • Emergency Backing Procedures
  • Skid Control
  • Loose Terrain Driving Techniques
  • Close Proximity Driving Techniques
  • Distracted Driving Drills
  • Lane Evasion and Decision Making
  • Night Driving & Pursuit Driving
  • Controlled Braking Exercises
  • Induced Stress Driving Drills
  • Contact with Suspect Vehicle Drills
  • Using the Vehicle as Cover Live Fire Drills
  • Engaging a Suspect in a Vehicle Live Fire Drill

Must bring duty gear & weapon – Gryphon provides ammunition – 6 Students Minimum to form class.