3-Day Police Canine Integration into Room Clearing & Close Quarters Combat Course

Close Quarters Combat is a dynamic problem set for all tacticians both Military and Law Enforcement alike.

This statement stands true for employment of the apprehension and personal detection canine also.  

Gryphon Group’s 3-Day “Police Canine Integration into Room Clearing & Close Quarters Combat Course” covers how to systematically train and employ a personal detection and apprehension canine to be integrated safely into a clearing stack and simultaneously maximizing the canine’s effectiveness by ensuring the canine is being utilized in the most advantageous manner.

This course addresses the fundamentals needed to successfully employ a personal detection and apprehension canine by covering:

  • Canine’s Roles Within the Stack
  • Canine Placement Within the Stack
  • Canine Target Discrimination                    
  • Successive Approximative Room Clearance Search Patterns
  • Breaking Human Factors of Anthropomorphic Thinking
  • Procedures Upon Aggressive Alert
  • Non-Handler Casting and Canine Direction
  • Barricaded Suspect Extraction Techniques
  • Canine Environmental Desensitization
  • Combating an Aggressive Suspect in Conjunction with an Apprehension Canine
  • Low-Light Clearing Strategies
  • Canine First Aid and considerations

This course is conducted in Gryphon’s 4,000 square foot two-story, completely furnished, force-on-force Building Search Facility and incorporates trained role players in both the combatant and non-combatant roles.   Complete camera coverage of the facility allows for comprehensive after-action learning.

This program will provide real-world conditions that replicate advantages that Canine Teams bring to room-to-room searches for suspects as well as provide hands-on scenarios with trained role-players for each Officer to experience very realistic conditions.

Must bring Police Canine, duty gear & weapon – Gryphon provides ammunition – 6 Students Minimum to form class.