3-Day Police Officer – Counter Ambush Training Course

Gryphon’s counter-ambush training is battle-tested & combat proven.  This course focuses on recognizing & avoiding potential ambush situations. 

If an ambush cannot be avoided, this course will allow each Officer to experience these types of ambushes in very realistic unpredictable conditions. 

Each Officer will fight their way out of ambush scenarios that have actually occurred in the United Sates to Police Officers during force-on-force drills and live-fire drills.

Recent events clearly demonstrate the vulnerabilities of Police Officers when faced with a determined criminal in an ambush scenario.   All too often, Officers lack sufficient counter-ambush training to determine the best course of action to survive in the initial moments of an unanticipated ambush-style attack.

Gryphon Group draws on a deep history of nearly two decades conducting counter-ambush training for military and federal agencies directly involved in the global war on terrorism. 

Coupled with real world experience, Gryphon is able to present the training in a scenario-based format that immerses the Police Officer in simulated real-world ambushes and identifies strategies for avoiding or countering these types of attack.

Gryphons Groups 3-Day Police Officer Counter Ambush Training includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Understanding the Composition and Form of Ambush Attacks
  2. Recognizing the environment as a force multiplier for the attacker
  3. Understanding the role of mobility in surviving ambush attacks
  4. Recognizing the importance of the Initial Tactical Read
  5. Understanding Sight Lines and Cover Lines
  6. Establishing Single Responder protocols
  7. Establishing Multiple Responder Protocols
  8. Understanding the role of communication in Multi-Responder protocols
  9. Live Fire Break Contact Immediate Action Drills for the Police Officer
  10. Self-Care Medical Interventions for the Solo Officer

Must bring duty gear & weapon. Gryphon provides ammunition.
6 Students Minimum to form class.