3-Day Tactical Self-Aid for the Police Officer

Just like a Soldier on the battle-field, an Officer’s ability to stop the hemorrhaging of a gun-shot wound or knife attack on themselves or their partner, can mean the difference in living or dying. 

Each officer will practice with CAT Tourniquets and pressure bandages during simulated gun-fights trained by Special Forces Medics.

The Officer will assess for unrecognized hemorrhage and control all sources of bleeding during realistic force-on-force scenarios and use a recommended limb tourniquet to control life-threatening external hemorrhage that is anatomically amenable to tourniquet use or for any traumatic amputation.

Each student will apply it directly to the skin 2-3 inches above the bleeding site.  If bleeding is not controlled with the first tourniquet, apply a second tourniquet side-by-side with the first.

For compressible (external) hemorrhage not amenable to limb tourniquet use, the students will use Combat Gauze as the hemostatic dressing of choice.

Hemostatic dressings should be applied with at least 3 minutes of direct pressure.  Each dressing works differently, so if one fails to control bleeding, it may be removed and a fresh dressing of the same type or a different type applied.

All of the medical techniques taught will be practiced in very realistic scenarios where the Officer must treat themselves or a fellow Officer for a knife wound or gun-shot. 

Must bring duty gear & weapon – Gryphon provides Simunitions & Medical Kit.

6 Students Minimum to form class.