5-Day Advanced Police Sniper Development Course

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the Police Sniper often operates in much more difficult circumstances than does the “military sniper” and with significant restraints to their tactical decisions. 

Police Sniper engagements often involve close-proximity shooting problems on a public street in America, behind a barrier, or in a building involving hostage-takers interacting with civilians while a SWAT take-down team is near or in action against the suspect.   In addition to these difficult circumstances, the Police Sniper is heavily involved in “intelligence gathering” as they are acting as “the Eyes of the Command & Control Team”.  

More often than not, the on-scene Police Sniper is not “Green Lighted” to take their shot until the subject has radically deviated in behavior, is in motion, and with little to no warning.  Gryphon’s Advanced Police Sniper Development Course is strictly focused on what the challenges that the American Police Sniper will encounter during real-world Police actions around the United States.

Gryphon’s Advanced Police Sniper Development Course is on-the-cutting edge of Police Sniper Training and will entail 90% Live-Fire Drills & 10% Classroom on the following subjects:

  1. SWAT Sniper training is too often modeled after Military Sniper Programs
  2. SWAT Sniper engagement Distances are less than 70 yards
  3. SWAT Sniper engagements require PID that precludes extended distance engagements
  4. SWAT Sniper deployments typically involve urban and rural areas
  5. SWAT Sniper engagements are typically “narrow window” engagements as it relates to time
  6. Targets are likely to be in motion
  7. All other means of resolution have been exhausted
  8. SWAT Sniper team has been in place for an extended amount of time prior to the shot
  9. SWAT Snipers typically find themselves in unconventional shooting positions
  10. Engagements can include barrier penetration issues
  11. Engagements often present issues related to over-penetration
  12. SWAT Sniper engagements often involve mixed light/Low Light scenarios which create PID Problems
  13. SWAT Sniper engagements typically involve close proximity shooting problems ie, hostages, civilians, take-down teams

Course Points of Focus:

  • Short distance engagements with 100% accuracy-static target
  • Short distance engagements with 100% accuracy-moving targets
  • 100 % Accuracy through intermediate barriers – Windows
  • 100% accuracy on Target PID Drills

Must bring duty gear & weapon and ammunition
6 Students Minimum to form class.