5-Day Executive Protection Agent Advanced Course

This advanced program will be comprised of a series of very realistic multi-dimensional executive protection missions to include the executive’s residence, country club, executive offices, business meetings, and recreational venues. 

This class will enhance the ability of the student to “think on their feet” in fluid chaotic environments, a vital ability for all executive protection professionals. 

These missions will be of varying duration to include 2 four-hour missions, a 12-hour mission, and a 24-hour mission. 

This class will be the most realistic executive protection class you will ever attend.

During these executive protection scenarios, the students will

Escort, Transport, and Secure a role player Principal during a fully developed scenario in real-world streets, executive buildings, high end shopping, executive offices, and executive residence. 

 A group of determined criminals will surveil the Principal and student Executive Protection Team to plan and execute an attack.

The students will conduct these field exercises while ensure they are successful during the 3-Missions of Executive Protection:

  1. Prevent Intentional Injury to the Principal
  2. Prevent Un-Intentional Injury to the Principal
  3. Prevent Embarrassment to the Principal & Corporation

Must bring three sets of business attire, a sport coat or suit, white shirts with tie, casual clothes, – Gryphon will provide all vehicles, weapons, ammunition, equipment, & role players – 6 Students Minimum to form class.