5-Day Surveillance Operations for Law Enforcement

This course will focus on physical surveillance techniques as well as technical surveillance tools that will be utilized in realistic drills on real streets and cities.  Role players and realistic scenarios while help each Officer gain a deep understanding of these type of operations and how to improve their performance.

Conducting successful surveillance operations requires a unique understanding of human behaviors and operational tradecraft in order to be successful.  All too often, Law Enforcement personnel relay on “on the job” training approach to learn the unique skills required for mission success.  This teaches the core skill sets of close-hold, non-contact physical surveillance typically used in Vice type criminal investigations.

Gryphon Group draws on a deep history of nearly two decades conducting surveillance and counter-surveillance training for military and federal agencies directly involved in the global war on terrorism.

Coupled with real world experience, Gryphon is able to present the training in a scenario-based format that immerses the student in the day-today challenges of physical surveillance

Gryphons 5-Day “Surveillance Operations for Law Enforcement” is taught by surveillance operations professionals with decades of real-world experience and is heavily resourced with role players who present a realistic “Operational Mission” for the students to surveil and document.

Gryphons 5-Day “Surveillance Operations for Law Enforcement” includes, but not limited to;

  • Fundamentals of Physical Surveillance
  • Foot Surveillance Techniques
  • Vehicle Surveillance Techniques
  • Following the Mark
  • Boxing Venues
  • Setting a Trigger
  • Establishing Static Overwatch
  • Collapsing the Box and Quick-Joining
  • Documenting the Mark’s Behavior
  • Understanding Sightlines
  • How the Brain Processes Information
  • Persona Changes as a Force Multiplier
  • Surveillance Vehicle Set-up and Management
  • Surveillance Vehicle Operations Driving Drills
  • Defending against Hostile Surveillance Teams

Must bring a variety of plain clothes – 6 Students Minimum to form class.