Gryphon Group serves a broad and diverse set of clients. We serve the U.S. Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, and several federal agencies. We also serve the corporate and law enforcement communities.

In order to keep all of these organizations informed of what is currently taking place at Gryphon, we have established this Gryphon Group News page. Upcoming events, new programs, and important issues related to Gryphons Training Programs will be presented through this page.

Gryphon’s 2020 Capabilities Brief Now Available

Over the last 18 years & over 35,000 students, Gryphon Group has stayed relevant to the battle-fields around the world by basing all of our training programs on the “Human Factors of Mission Performance & Survivability. 

CLICK HERE and view our 2020 Capabilities Brief which is downloadable in PDF. 

Call Gryphon HQ at 910-844-4202 to request hard copies be sent to your Command and to schedule a Gryphon Capabilities Brief at your Base.

Gryphon Group Is Proud To Announce The Launch Of Its Capture Avoidance Program

Since World War II, the Department of Defense has required each branch of service to provide training that will enable “Isolated Personnel” to survive and avoid capture.

The Army, Navy, Air Force, & Marine Corps have excellent Level C SERE Programs available to high-risk personnel such as pilots, air crews, special operations personnel, and intelligence agents. 

However, the reality is that the number of military personnel that “need” this training, far exceeds the number of slots available in the Level C SERE Programs.  In addition, the DOD guidance states that ALL U.S. personnel are at risk, not just the “high risk” individuals.

In response to this vital need, Gryphon Group has established the Capture Avoidance Program that only focuses on the first two letters of SERE – Survival & Evasion and it meets and exceeds the current DOD standards for this type of training. 

Our approach is that “If you get the first two letters right, then you don’t have to do the last two letters of SERE – Resistance & Escape.  This program will greatly enhance the survivability of Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen in worst-case scenarios if they, for whatever reason, become isolated from American Forces in denied territory.

CLICK HERE and view Gryphon’s Capture Avoidance Program Flyer which is downloadable in PDF.

Gryphon Hosts The Largest 3-Gun Match in the United States

From 9 to 11 October 2020, Gryphon Group’s Fort Bragg Combat Training Center hosted the 3rd Annual Memorial 3-Gun Match whose mission is to remember, honor, and memorialize fallen Special Operations soldiers through the world of competitive shooting.  See the highlights at

Gryphon Group hosted the 1st Annual Memorial 3-Gun Match in 2018 and the 2nd Annual Memorial 3-Gun Match in 2019 and have committed to being the host of this incredible event every year. 

Go to the Memorial 3-Gun Foundation web-site at to learn more about the important work these men and women are doing for those who go into harm’s way for the rest of us and to also view the video that the Memorial 3-Gun Foundation created to explain the significance of this event.

Gryphon’s Foreign Weapons Training Now at FBCTC

Every American War-Fighter, Special Operations Operator, or Federal Agent working overseas today should have a working knowledge of foreign weapons. Because, there is a great likelihood that you will face these weapons or will have the opportunity to use them to save your life or your teammate’s.  

Modern-day ground-commanders must have an understanding, not only of the capabilities of their own weapons, but also the capabilities of their enemy’s weapons

By understanding both sides of the battlefield, troops are able to anticipate the tactics they will likely face.

See Gryphon’s video brief on our Foreign Weapons Program here:

New Video of Gryphon’s Fort Bragg Combat Training Center (FBCTC)

Gryphon Group has built a 500-acre training center just 20 minutes South-West of Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

We have just completed a new video tour of this world-class facility.  

Gryphon’s Fort Bragg Combat Training Center can be viewed here:

Paraclete Aviation & Gryphon Group Team-up

Military Free-Fall Training is a vital special operations skill and is now being offered at Gryphon’s Fort Bragg Combat Training Center through a new teaming arrangement between Paraclete Aviation & Gryphon Group.

The Gryphon/Paraclete Team enables Paraclete to utilize the excellent facilities at the Laurinburg-Maxton Airport and Gryphon’s certified drops zones for their military free fall training.  It also enables the Unit to combine Paraclete’s courses and Gryphon Group’s Pre-Mission Training Program for a complete Infil-to-Exfil training experience.

View more information on Paraclete’s Military Free Fall Training Program which is considered one of the best in the world at

Call today for more information on the new Gryphon Group–Paraclete Aviation Team.