Corporate Security Training Program

Today’s business community in the United States faces growing security threats that technology alone cannot solve. The only solution that has proven to minimize these threats is effective training in realistic conditions.

Gryphon’s training programs delivers this type of real-world training that will have an immediate effect on corporate personnel involved in the safety & security of the corporation’s executives, employees, and assets.

Our executive protection training programs is considered by dozens of military commands & federal agencies as being one of the most effective in the world.

Gryphon’s Six P’s of Protective Operations have been validated and utilized by over 7,000 federal agents and military personnel protecting U.S. government officials and senior military commanders all over the world. Gryphon Group has decades of experience helping to train and evaluate the corporate security personnel of many Fortune 100 Corporations in the United States and at their facilities overseas.

Call us today to request the 2020 Class Schedule and details of the following primary programs:
5-Day Executive Protection Agent Course – #EPAC-830
5-Day Executive Protection Agent Intermediate Course – #EPACI-831
5-Day Executive Protection Agent Advanced Course – #EPAAC-832
3-Day Executive Driver Certification – #EPAC-860
3-Day Executive Driver Advanced Course – #EPAC-861
2-Day Executive Anti-Kidnapping Course – #EPAC-870
2-Day Executive Counter Surveillance Course – #EPAC-871
2-Day Executive Self-Protection Course – #EPAC-872
Custom Executive Security Course – #CESC-880