Gemini Training Complex

Gryphon’s Gemini Training Complex is a world-class training facility that provides an advanced close-quarters combat laboratory.  This 11,000 square foot low-profile facility sits on 4 acres in Aberdeen, North Carolina (15 minutes from Fort Bragg).  Gemini enables Gryphon to conduct complex multi-dimensional scenarios in a very realistic environment. 

The main features of the Gemini Training Facility are:

  • 24 Person Fully Equipped Briefing Room/Classroom
  • 4,000 Square Foot Two-Story Fully Furnished Force-on-Force CQC Shoot House
  • Total Coverage Video Recording System of Complete CQC Shoot House
  • 4K Video Cameras that are High Quality Low-Res Capable for Night Operations
  • 24 Person Multi-Monitor Room for Real-Time Observation and Brief-Back of CQC Shoot House
  • Trained Role Players & OPFOR Team to Provide Realistic Mission Environment
  • Complete CQC Shoot House is Designed to Rapidly Change the Flow & Layout in One Hour or Less
  • Mechanical & Shotgun Breachable Exterior Door Jig Mounted to CQC Shoot House
  • Multi-Room, Multi-Door, Multi-Hallway “Half Wall” CQC Rehearsal Area
  • Close Tactical Reconnaissance Training Capable

Operational Close Quarters Combat Program

Call us today to request a detailed description of the following programs:

  • Level I Close Quarters Combat Course – Course #CQC-10
  • Level II Close Quarters Combat Course – Course #CQC-20
  • Level III Close Quarters Combat Course – Course #CQC-30
  • Live-Fire Shoot House Services – Course #SHS-40
  • Force-on-Force Shoot House Services – Course #SHS-50

Gryphon’s Gemini Training Complex can be populated with role players dressed and acting as citizens in any particulars region of the world, televisions showing recent news events or television shows from any country in the world, radios playing music from the target country, as well as target language signs, books, magazines etc, all which will create very realistic training environments to practice specific mission scenarios.