Law Enforcement Training Programs

The men & women of the law enforcement community in the United States are the best in the world.  They are on the cutting-edge between the enemies of freedom on the streets of our nation and it’s citizens.

Gryphon’s training programs are battle-tested & combat-ready and can help the Law Enforcement Officer maximize their effectiveness and survivability in real-world street conditions.

Over the last 18 years, Gryphon Group’s mission-specific training programs have helped to prepare Military Special Operations Personnel and Federal Agents to operate & survive in some of the most dangerous countries and cities in the world.

Gryphon Group also has a deep connection to the law enforcement community, with many of our senior Cadre Members being retired patrol officers, undercover officers, and detectives.

The training needs of a police officer and a special operations soldier are much the same in four ways:

  1. Being ready for the unexpected
  2. Practicing worse-case scenarios
  3. Surviving close-proximity unexpected attacks
  4. Stopping hemorrhaging after being shot or stabbed until EMTs arrive

Call us today to request the 2020 Class Schedule and details of the following primary programs:

  • 3-Day Canine Integration into Room Clearing & Close Quarters Combat – #LEOCND-0900
  • 3-Day Advanced Canine Narcotics Detection Course – #LEOCND-0901
  • 3-Day Law Enforcement Canine TCCC Course – #LEOTCCC-0902
  • 3-Day First Responder Counter Ambush Training Course – #LEOCAT-0903
  • 3-Day Tactical Self-Aid for the First Responder Course – #LEOTSA-0904
  • 3-Day Surviving Close Proximity Weapons Attacks Course – #LEOCPA-0905
  • 3-Day Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations Course – #LEOVO-0906
  • 3-Day Dynamic Entry Strategies for Special Teams #LEODE-0907
  • 3-Day Building Searches for First Responders Course – #LEOBS-0908
  • 5-Day Surveillance Operations for Law Enforcement – #LEOSO-0909
  • 5-Day Advanced Canine Explosive Detection Course – #LEOSO-0910
  • 5-Day Advanced Undercover Officer Survivability Course – #LEOUOS-0911
  • 5-Day Advanced Police Sniper Development Course – #LEOAPS-0912