Military Training Programs

In the special operations & intelligence world, your mind is your “primary weapon system.” Gryphon Group’s approach to weapons training is that the “decisions” an operator makes with the weapon in combat are as important (if not more important) as their marksmanship and speed with it.  

All of Gryphon’s military training programs are based upon these “Universal Truths of the Battle-field”.   These “truths” do not change from war to war, battle to battle, firefight to firefight.  The Human Mind, Human Nature & the Human Body are always the same during every war. 

Gryphon focuses on these “Human Factors” when preparing American Warfighters to be more mission-effective & “survivable” in combat. 

Commandos the week prior to D-Day during World War II practicing clear infiltration lanes…some things never change.

These universal principles are applicable to ANY battlefield in ANY region, therefore, resulting in training results that are long-lasting in each War-Fighter or Agent…

Gryphon is a true “Full-Spectrum” training company and many of our programs are considered “Best-in-Class”.

Gryphon Group’s Pre-Mission Training Programs