Operational Close Quarters Combat Program

Gryphon’s Gemini Training Complex is a world-class training facility that provides an advanced close-quarters combat laboratory.  This 11,000 square foot low-profile facility sits on 4 acres in Aberdeen, North Carolina (15 minutes from Fort Bragg).  Gemini enables Gryphon to conduct complex multi-dimensional scenarios in a very realistic environment. 

The main features of the Gemini Training Facility are:

  • 24 Person Fully Equipped Briefing Room/Classroom
  • 4,000 Square Foot Two-Story Fully Furnished Force-on-Force CQC Shoot House
  • Total Coverage Video Recording System of Complete CQC Shoot House
  • 4K Video Cameras that are High Quality Low-Res Capable for Night Operations
  • 24 Person Multi-Monitor Room for Real-Time Observation and Brief-Back of CQC Shoot House
  • Trained Role Players & OPFOR Team to Provide Realistic Mission Environment
  • Complete CQC Shoot House is Designed to Rapidly Change the Flow & Layout in One Hour or Less
  • Mechanical & Shotgun Breachable Exterior Door Jig Mounted to CQC Shoot House
  • Multi-Room, Multi-Door, Multi-Hallway “Half Wall” CQC Rehearsal Area
  • Close Tactical Reconnaissance Training Capable

Operational Close Quarters Combat Program

Call us today to request a detailed description of the following programs:

  • Level I Close Quarters Combat Course – Course #CQC-10
  • Level II Close Quarters Combat Course – Course #CQC-20
  • Level III Close Quarters Combat Course – Course #CQC-30
  • Live-Fire Shoot House Services – Course #SHS-40
  • Force-on-Force Shoot House Services – Course #SHS-50