Operational Medicine Programs

Gryphon Groups Operational Medicine Programs are among the most effective & realistic in the world.  This is battlefield medicine that actually works under combat conditions.

Today, combat casualty survival rate is 90.6% compared to 80.9% in World War II.  This is due to exhaustive efforts by the U.S. military to ensure that dedicated MEDEVAC platforms with trained medical personnel are available in the event of a casualty.

Typically, air ambulances lift wounded soldiers to a hospital setting in less than an hour after being wounded. As battlefields and areas of operation grow and shrink units will find that they are no longer within range for immediate medical evacuation.  This is especially true for special operations forces and military intelligence units.

Preparing for operations in a resource-depleted and/or Extended Evacuation Environment must become a part of every training exercise as units push forward into an ever-evolving battlefield.

Call us today to request a detailed description of the following primary programs:

  • SOF Long Range Casualty Evacuation Program – Course #LRCE-0201
  • Safe House Medicine Program – Course #SHM-0301
  • SOF Telemedicine Program – Course #SOFT-0401
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care Certification – Course #TCCC-0101
  • SOF Combat Anesthesia Program – Course #SOFT-0501