Operational Surveillance Programs

Today, American Special Operations Forces & Federal Agents are deployed throughout the world in support of various types of missions for extended periods of time. Foreign Intelligence Services (FIS) are active throughout the world and Americans are the predominant target of these intelligence operations.

Our enemies use surveillance in order to gain information and possibly target us for hostile actions. Here in the United States, drug cartels, organized crime, FIS, and terrorist organizations are actively gathering information on military bases, federal buildings, intelligence personnel, war-fighters, and federal agents.

Gryphon Groups Operational Surveillance Programs are considered by many military units and federal agencies as the best in the industry. Our program is extremely resourced and conducted in very realistic scenarios. Over the last 11 years, thousands of special operations personnel & federal agents have attended Gryphon’s surveillance training and utilized the results on real-world missions.

The Fundamentals of Conducting Surveillance Operations are analogous to the game of Chess…It takes only 30 minutes to learn the rules & tactics of Chess, but it takes a lifetime of playing against a thinking opponent to master it!

All terminology, methods, & means utilized during the Program are common vernacular, open source, and unclassified.

This program is 20% classroom & 80% hand-on exercises conducted in a realistic dynamic environment with a large number of trained role-players to replicate the “real world” problems encountered during surveillance missions and surveillance detection operations.

Call us today to request a detailed description of the following primary programs:

  • Surveillance Operations Program – Course #SO-1101
  • Counter Surveillance Program – Course #CS-2101
  • Surveillance Vehicle Driver Program – Course #SVD-2202
  • Hostile Surveillance Identification Program – Course #HSI-3101
  • Close Target Reconnaissance Program – Course #CTR-4101