Operational Survivability Programs

Gryphon Groups Operational Survivability Programs are currently being utilized by all the Special Operations Commands, and many other military units and federal agencies.

All of these programs are driven by the battlefield.  Each applies Gryphon’s hybrid training solution approach to pre-mission training where the Human Mind is the Primary Weapon on the Battlefield.   

The Operational Survivability Programs will have long-lasting effect on the participants because the Terminal Learning Objectives (TLOs) of these programs will emphasize universal principals that can be applied to –

Any Unit with Any mission, Anywhere in the world!

2017 Suburban’s
2017 4×4 Tacoma’s
2017 2WD Tacoma’s

Call us today to request a description of the following primary programs:

  • Mobile Force Protection Program – Course #MFP-10
  • Asymmetrical Threat Survivability Program – Course #ATS-20
  • Pre-Mission Readiness Program – Course #PMR-30
  • Foreign Affairs Counter Terrorism Program – Course #FACT-40
  • Combat Driving Program – Course #CD-50
  • Tactical Off-Road Driving Program – Course #TORD-60
  • Foreign Vehicle Operation Course – Course #FVO-70
  • CBRNE Operators Survivability Training Program – Course #COST-80
  • Field Expedient Tradecraft Program – Course #FETC-90