Operational Weapons Programs

Gryphon Group’s Operational Weapons Programs are entirely focused on combat effectiveness in battlefield conditions.  Over the last 18 years, more than 26,000 special operations personnel, war-fighters, & federal agents have attended Gryphon’s weapon’s training.

Every American War-Fighter, Special Operations Operator, or Federal Agent working overseas today should have a working knowledge of foreign weapons because there is a great likelihood that you will face these weapons or will have the opportunity to use them to save your life or your teammate’s. 

Modern-day ground-commanders must have an understanding, not only of the capabilities of their own weapons, but also the capabilities of their enemy’s weapons. By understanding both sides of the battlefield, troops are able to anticipate the tactics they will likely face.

And in the worst-case scenarios such as running out of ammunition, would your operators know how to pick-up these weapons from a fallen enemy and use them to save themselves and fight on to victory?

Call us today to request a detailed description of the following programs:

  • Assault Rifle Program – Course #AR-001
  • Combat Pistol Program – Course #CP-002
  • Combat Shotgun Program – Course #CS-003
  • Suppressed Combat Pistol Program – Course #SCP-005
  • Concealed Weapon Program – Course #CW-006
  • Foreign Weapons Program – Course #FW-007
    (Soviet & Non-Soviet Bloc Class III Weapons)
  • Advanced Sniper Development Program – Course #ASD-008