Pre-Mission Rehearsal Program

Gryphon’s Pre-Mission Rehearsal Program can replicate the 3-Dimensional Threat Environment of any mission-set & mission-environment.

Gryphon has deep experience providing scenario training and “full-mission profile” services to special operations Units & federal agencies for over 18 years. 

From a 12-person team to a 100-person company, we work closely with the Unit to create a realistic mission-scenario (from Infil to Exfil) that reflects the specific types of challenges they will face in their up-coming mission.  Then, we choreograph the scenario, fill it with villages, buildings, hospitals, vehicles, dozens of role players, KLE’s, sources, enemy forces, weapons, rivers, lakes, airfields, drop zones, foreign language role players, medical role players, surveillance role players, drones, combat cameraman and foreign clothing & props.

This approach to pre-mission training is battle tested and combat proven.   3-Dimensional Threat Awareness illustrates that there are three categories of threats that individuals will face in everyday life.  The three categories are, The Enemy, The Environment, and the individuals own Psychological Stress. 

By immersing the Operator is a realistic, dynamic, fluid, chaotic, unpredictable environment where there is a pain consequence for poor decisions, Gryphon’s Pre-Mission Full-Mission Profiles can help the Unit uncover points of vulnerability and increase the possibility of mission-success.

Call us today to request a detailed description of the following primary programs:

  • Validation Program – Course #VTX-001
  • Full Mission Profile Program – Course #FMP-002