Training Program Video Briefs

Gryphon Groups training programs are designed to address today’s threats.  These threats are found all over the world and in every type of environment. In order to ensure that Gryphons programs are effective in every threat condition and in every part of the globe, we focus on the common denominator, which is the man or woman carrying out that mission fight. In other words, we focus on the hand holding the weapon, not the weapon, which requires us to focus on the mind driving that hand.

Therefore, all of Gryphons training programs incorporate a 3-dimentional approach to identifying threats. Those dimensions are: the enemy, the environment, and the human factors of combat performance. In order to communicate the uniqueness and effectiveness of Gryphons training methodology, we have produced numerous video briefs on many of our training programs, world class facilities, and training methodology.

Gryphon Group’s Fort Bragg Combat
Training Center (FBCTC):
Gryphon Group’s Capabilities Brief:
Gryphon Group’s Methodology:
Gryphon Group’s Surveillance Identification and Operations Program:
Gryphon Group’s Global Protective
Operations Program:
Gryphon Group’s Operational Medicine Division:
Gryphon Group’s Foreign Weapons Program:
Gryphon Group’s Handgun Fighting Program:
Gryphon Group’s Mobile Force Protection Course:
Gryphon Group’s Tactical Off-Road Driving Course:
Gryphon Group’s High Threat Personnel Training Program:
Gryphon Group’s IED Awareness Program:
Gryphon Group’s Operational Canine Employment Division:
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